If you’ve never had IV therapy, you may be wondering how this type of treatment works and what it does to the body. There are several reasons to add IV therapy to your wellness routine. First, IV therapy will support your overall health by providing you with the vitamins, minerals, fluids and electrolytes you need. IV therapy can improve your health, boost your energy levels, help your body fight off illnesses more effectively and so much more. Plus, the drips can be administered in one easy 30 to 45 minute treatment. All of our IV therapy is completely customizable to your needs.

Meyers IV Cocktail

Known to help with fatigue, headaches, asthma, sinusitis, depression, immunity, anxiety, and fibromyalgia

Myers’ cocktail is an IV vitamin and mineral mixture used by Baltimore Johns Hopkins Hospital physician John Myers containing magnesium, calcium, various B vitamins and vitamin C that helps fatigue, headaches, asthma, sinusitis, depression, anxiety, hangovers, jet lag, and fibromyalgia.

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Hangover IV

Cure an upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, and your headache!

There are three main components of recovering from a hangover. Rehydrating your body is the most important step in recovering from a hangover. To further accelerate recovery, detoxing removes the buildup of toxins caused by alcohol consumption. Lastly, it’s important to restore nutrients lost while drinking. Add ons available, anti-nausea and anti- inflammatory.

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IV Therapy Options

Kick Starter
This low-cost IV is designed to kick start your body’s hydration status. No additives included. 1000ml of Normal Saline (NS).

Basic Myers Cocktail
Ultimate Myers Cocktail

Developed by Dr. Myers, this infusion is great for an overall feeling of wellness. Also used for Anxiety, Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. This IV includes NC, B Complex, Magnesium, Calcium, B12, Glutathione and Vitamin C.

Recovery IV
Great for post exercise/cramping. This IV includes NS, B Complex, B12 and Magnesium.

Hangover Relief
Quick and effective method to combat hangover symptoms! This IV includes NS, Zofran and Toradol.

Immunity Cocktail
This IV helps to boost your natural immunity. This IV includes Vitamin C, Zinc, B Complex and NS.

Migraine IV
This IV helps to relieve symptoms and get you back feeling better faster! It contains NS, Toradol and Benadryl.

Customize your treatment:
Additional NS (1000 ml)

**IV started by a Nurse Practitioner

Benefits of maximizing NAD levels:

  • Increased cellular energy (ATP).
  • Improved endurance and strength.
  • Improved DNA repair
  • Reduced oxidative stress.
  • Greater ability to fight inflammation.
  • Reduced cellular senescence.
  • Better immune health.
  • Improved brain-cell repair and protection.
  • Improved glucose intolerance and insulin sensitivity.
  • Improved blood plasma lipid profiles.
  • Improved bone density.
  • Improved nerve-tissue generation.
  • Improved circadian rhythm and intracellular calcium release during sleep.
  • Better prevention of age-related diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, infectious diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, etc.